Grand-mères du Grand Rue

Rose Marie & Noel Edgard prepare Tchaka in Lakou Jean Claude Santillus to initiate the Gardens of the Grand Rue Project. Photo by Rossi Jacques Casimir

Grandmother Recipes
2013 Ghetto Biennial

During the 3rd Ghetto Biennial, Lee Lee gathered recipes from the Grandmothers of the Grand Rue as they prepared a series of pop up dinners shared by the visiting artists and local Atis Rezistans community. As an initiation for the Gardens of the Grand Rue project in 2015, we prepared Tchaka to honor the patron of agriculture, Azaka. This particular recipe was also used as a framework for a narrative to explore the complexities of the relationships between Haiti and US food policy.

We continue to share meals as the foundation of creative workshops. Paying close attention to the seasons, we prepare what is ripe and save the seeds. Establishing small nurseries, we invite students to germinate the seeds and sell or trade the seedlings. Joumou, the local pumpkin, has a wonderful way of trailing across neighborhood rooftops in the neighborhood & is generally a welcome addition to local homes.

Tchaka Narrative


3rd Ghetto Biennale 2013: