How Do I Get My Food?

This is an activity appropriate for young students. A silhouette of a child and a seedling are presented on the same scale. Prompts on how each takes in nutrients are provided, and placed by participants around the appropriate silhouette. Some statements are appropriate for both, so are placed in the middle. Younger students will need assistance in reading the prompts. Early readers may use it as an opportunity to practice reading.

For mobility and ease of storage, the silhouettes may be sewn with felt. The prompts may then be mounted on matte board, with small pieces of Velcro attached to the back. This allows the pieces to be attached easily and moved around.

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Give off moisture











I absorb nutrients through my roots

I absorb sunlight through my leaves

I absorb sunlight through my skin

I absorb nutrients from the environment right around me

I take food through my mouth

I process nutrients through my digestive system

I process nutrients through photosynthesis

I breathe in oxygen & breathe out carbon dioxide

I absorb carbon dioxide & give off oxygen

I have to collect, grow or buy food

I drink water through my mouth

I absorb water through my roots

I absorb sunlight


Activity developed by SEED Taos