SEED Matching Game

Seed – Fruit – Plant

Seeds of commonly available fruits and vegetables are matched with the appropriate fresh produce. An expanded version may include images of the plants growing in the garden and/or seed packets. Seeds may be kept in sectioned boxes or small jars. Vegetables may be festively displayed as arrangements. Students may make labeled grids to guess at which seed came from which fruit. Alternately, they may be lined up with small bowls or labeled cards in front of each.

Good examples for fruit include apple, peach, plum, cherry, citrus, tomato, avocado and mango. Vegetables may include lettuce, carrot, pepper, pumpkin, onion, corn, beans, peas, beets and radish. Mustard seed can be paired with a mustard bottle. This activity incorporates touch through handling the seeds when assigning them to the fresh produce. Taste may also be integrated by sharing the produce as a snack after the activity.

Matching seeds with their fruits at the Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder Colorado

Activity developed by SEED Taos