Annette Coleman

Artist Statement

When I was invited to participate in the SEED exhibition I took a look at my current work and realized that small bits and pieces were already part of my process–much like sowing seeds–each one full of new life, vision and possibilities. I use as much recycled materials as I can, sourcing from the local Boulder area to make my footprint in my art practice as light as possible.

My artistic journey has roots in collage where you see fanciful bird-women scatter seeds and a seed totem that creates a natural rhythm by repeating seed after seed to make up a rainbow.

I love creating old-world durable mosaic installations using tiles that are shattered and placed in grout. Mosaics last for decades with minimal upkeep inside or out. The collection you see here is an abstracted fanciful dance of seed shapes and colors–influenced by pea pods, maze, avocado and nutshells. Since I love to cook and create new flavors it is no surprise that all of my mosaic seeds have to do with food. –Bon Appétit

Annette Coleman: Multi Media Artist

Annette Coleman, Rainbow Seeds, mosaic
Annette Coleman, Rainbow Seeds, mosaic