Gretchen Ewert

Germination by Gretchen Ewert
‘Germination’ by Gretchen Ewert

Artist Statement: SEED :: disperse

I began the ceramic miniatures in 1982 as sketches for larger sculptures dealing withe botanical forms and animals. I called them “ceramic pollen” because they were small, but still referred to the process of genesis and growth. They were/are meant to be hand-held. This show is aptly called “dispersal” – at some point the forms took on a life of their own as I kept producing and people took them home to far locations.

The drawings are the same concepts on paper. The images are composed pen and ink stipple applied individually with technical pens/rapidographs by hand on digital scan of indigo textiles. I took pains to alter the textile images so the sources are not obvious and merged with the drawing, pencil-applied layers. The feel is intended to be lighter than air.

Ceramic pollen grains by Gretchen Ewert
Ceramic pollen grains by Gretchen Ewert