Peter Chinni

Artist Statement

There is energy in all things.
We feel it.
We see it.
It exudes from us.
It helps define us.
A universal truth exists here.
We find it in all matter;
in the earth,
the atmosphere,
the cosmos.
It is a force of life,
of death.

The seed to be planted in the earth
has always intrigued me;
the stem, the roots, the leaves,
the flower, the fruit
are already present there,
but not to our sight.
A mysterious life force activates it,
an explosion of a living-forming body.
I feel its energy
and try to become a means
to reforming it
through my intuition,
into a new conscious expression
of its being.

Beauty is both victim and beneficiary
of change;
inevitable, imperative.
Life destroys,
that it may create anew.

Peter Chinni, 'Nautilus', dye cast aluminum
Peter Chinni, ‘Nautilus’, dye cast aluminum