Watershed restoration

Starting with the opening of the fish passage into Pierce’s Pond, we are working to restore the rivershores after the construction of fish ladders. The public-access sites act as a network of living seed libraries, which in turn serve as sources of seed that will diversify the plant communities at each site.

Peter Leonard of the Blue Hill Garden Club and Landere Naisbitt of the Blue Hill Heritage Trust plant sedge plugs along the hard scrabble that makes up the edges of the fish ladder leading up to Pierce’s pond in Penobscot. The sedges thrive in their native environment within a year of being planted.

Pierce’s Pond

This interactive map serves as a way for community members to learn about the process of restoration in the ecology zones present at Pierce’s Pond. To participate, open this link in Google MyMaps which should allow you to view and edit the map. Taking a community centered approach to tending these spaces, we invite local stewards to upload reflections, ask questions and add insights of their own. Further guidance may be requested from Lee Lee: lee-lee<a>

Explore the ecology zones at Pierce’s Pond

Cobble Rivershore & Lakeshore

Outdoor Classroom: Beech Oak hardwood forest

Woodland Path


2021 workshop to oust the invasive Bishop’s weed that appeared in the Meadow

Bagaduce Alewife Celebration 2019