Colonial Medicine Chest

The Pendleton House is an historic structure on the waterfront of Blue Hill Village. It used to house sailors during their time ashore. Because of this attachment to the sea, we are cultivating a collection of plants that were considered important enough for European settlers to bring with them across the sea. Early settlers had to grow their medicine chests and many of these plants have now become part of our landscape. An assortment of culinary herbs are nutrient dense additions to traditional cuisines and are grown here for the Harbor House Cafe as well as pop up dinners hosted at the SEED Barn. A selection of herbs for tea is grown out for the Tea Room on the first floor of the building. A smattering of native medicinal plants are interspersed through the garden to reflect the way in which settlers adjusted and learned from those who maintain an intimate connection to this land. Descriptions of plants in this section also cover the way indigenous populations learned about and started using European plants as medicine, forming relationships that recognized value of these new members of our plant communities.

Gardens at the Pendleton House
The first year gardens focused on the construction of the terraced rock walls and foundational plantings, August 2019.

Collection of Medicinal Plants

Lady’s Mantle
Queen Anne’s Lace

Pendleton House Gardens
With a view over the town landing’s pocket sized park to Blue Hill Harbor, the south facing patio is a spot for warm contemplation. In the Autumn, New York Aster blooms above geranium with Blue Vervain going to seed at the corner.