The Distillery

Cooking Studio Taos pops up at the Distillery
Valerie arranges flowers to adorn the summer Secret Supper curated by Chef Chris Maher of the Cooking Studio Taos in the Distillery gardens

Dinners in the Garden

James Beard recognized chef, Chis Maher of the Cooking Studio Taos creates seasonal meals from the garden as part of their Secret Supper Club that feature Slow Food style preparations of elaborate multi course feasts that pop-up at various private venues around town.

The Distillery Gardens

A Year in Grandpa’s Garden
Watercolor paintings by Lee Lee & Thatcher Gray alongside Haiku by Peter Thatcher Leonard follows the installation of the Distillery Permaculture gardens over the course of a year.

An Artful Adventure in Sustainable Living
by Lyn Bleiler, EcoSource Magazine

artists’ diaries
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Storyteller residencies

As we face increasing amounts of desertification, we can look towards ancient practices of cultivating the desert as a guide to tending dry land while nourishing ourselves. The Taos Distillery sits on an acequia over 300 years old. We participate in a community practice of flood irrigation which broadens the alluvial plain by spreading water from the melting snow and monsoons. This method of cultivation arrived with the Spanish, Taos being the northernmost part of their regime. It stems back to North African Moorish traditions, where the practice is thousands of years old.

The Distillery is an historic adobe which housed a bootleg operation during prohibition. The moonshine supplied the speakeasy in the back of the Taos Inn run by Vincente Mares, who tended this land at that time. We think of it now as a place for the distillation of ideas in order to craft and disseminate stories. Storytellers are invited on residencies to learn from the ancient ways of cultivating dry ecologies and share ideas on how to reverse desertification.

Residencies are flexible by nature.
Applications are accepted on a regular basis.
Send your ideas and experiences to taosdistillery <a> gmail.

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Upper deck with views of the Taos mountain

The Distillery kitchen
Library with bar
Master Suite with attached sunroom
The front porch is ideal for al fresco dining

SEED :: disperse | western engagements


2016 Neo Rio hosted by LEAP (Land, Experience and Art of Place)
Three projects by three different artists were featured:
“ADRIFT – MIGRATION – HOME” by Lee Lee (Taos/Denver), “Reconciliation: Sculptures for Humans and Pollinators” by Viviane Le Courtois (Denver) and “Precise Breathing or Why I Call My Baby Honey” by Jenny Lynn McNutt (Brooklyn, NY). Each artist is approaching this year’s theme of pollination in a unique way. Their works transformed selected locations at Montoso Campground into site-specific installations and outdoor exhibition spaces to be discovered and explored by visitors.

Exhibition: The Dairy Arts Center
June 3 – July 4, 2016
Artists Reception: June 17th, 6pm
2590 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302

The installation at the Dairy Arts Center explored the duality of seeds in our world today. Half of the gallery represented fragmentation of cultivation, the impacts of monoculture crop production, loss of seed biodiversity and forced migration that is spurred by current trends in industrialized agriculture. The other half of the installation invited viewers to be embraced by the potential expressed by seeds. A dense, salon style installation let the viewer feel ‘planted’ within rich artistic interpretations of the nature of seeds. Curated by Lee Lee, the artwork on display at the Dairy blended artists who’ve participated in the original SEED Taos exhibitions and Colorado artists who’ve explored seeds through a wide range of media.

Founded by Siena Sanderson, Mandy Stapleford, Katie Woodall and Claire Cote. More information may be found on the SEED Taos website.