Heirloom SEED Saving

SEED Saving Cards

Distributed with produce containing seeds that are ripe for harvest at the time that the vegetables are market ready, these open source cards are found in the Blue Hill Public Garden, Magic Food Bus, Blue Hill Heritage Trust & the Halcyon Grange Produce Exchange. The cards invite the community to practice heirloom seed saving by saving seeds, planting some in home gardens and sharing some with the community seed library housed by the Blue Hill Heritage Trust. Additionally, cards describing how to harvest seeds that ripen when the vegetable is PAST market ready allows for gardeners to take advantage of lettuce that is bolting in the late season and forgotten veg like cucumber and zucchini that need the extra time to produce viable seeds.

To request a set of cards to print at home, e’mail lee-lee <a> virtualvoices.org for a digital copy. All cards are created with open source media and may be freely shared and distributed.