Welcome to the SEED Barn

Winter hours are by appointment: 207-374-2947

SEED Library

The difference between a seed library and seed bank is that the seeds in a library are continually grown out and returned to the library to be mingled and redistributed. This allows the plants to adapt to a changing climate.

SEED Sensorium

Sensorium: Engaging the five senses
Testing Ground: Classroom dispersal activity

Demonstration Gardens

Set on 3 acres across from Conary Cove in South Blue Hill, the gardens include five distinct ecology zones. After careful observation through the first season, we have started restoring open meadows by growing out the grass, collecting seeds from indigenous plants and augmenting the plantings by sowing native seeds.


We are currently taking out invasive plants and folding them back into the earth as hugelkultur beds. We are restoring the land by reintroducing native plants. From these plants, we will continually harvest seed to distribute through the SEED Library

Fine Art

The SEED Barn collection of artwork forms a foundation for exhibitions of work by local artists.

Community Engagement

Blue Hill Children’s Climate March

Community Wisdom
Yarding with Downeast Audubon

Shinrin Yoku: Forest Breathing with Sierra Club Maine