SEED Barn | Mulatamicuwon Maine

Grandpa poetry welcomes visitors to enjoy the view of Conary Cove.

Welcome to the SEED Barn

Hours are by appointment: 207-374-2947
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Demonstration Gardens

Across from Conary Cove in South Blue Hill, the award winning gardens are spread across five distinct ecology zones set on 3 acres. A cornerstone for a network of Living SEED Libraries, the plants provide seeds for local stewards to participate directly in restoration of our shared lands.

Seasonal Rhythms
Explore the gardens through the seasons & find hints for improving backyard ecology surrounding our homes.

Surrounded by Water
A focus on restoration at the land/water interface is prominent in the selection of plants we are collecting.

We are currently taking out invasive plants and folding them back into the earth as hugelkultur beds. We are restoring the land by reintroducing native plants. From these plants, we will continually harvest seed to distribute through the SEED Library

SEED Library

The SEED Barn is initiating a framework of “Living SEED Libraries” across the Blue Hill Peninsula. These library gardens grow out native plants to augment local restoration efforts, as well as educating a seed to seed approach of cultivating our nourishment. The importance of maintaining living seed libraries is to help adapt plants to climactic changes by continually growing them out.

Native Plants
Heirloom SEEDS

Fine Art

The SEED Barn collection of artwork forms a foundation for exhibitions of work by local and international artists who are creating ecology based work. Temporary installations consists of site specific works as well as rotating visual arts. Storytellers and community engaged artists are invited to participate in residencies.

SEED Sensorium

Sensorium: Engaging the five senses
Testing Ground: Classroom dispersal activity
Treasure Chest: Exploring Metaphor
SEED Matching Game
How Do I Get My Food?


Tea Gardens & Medicine Chests
Sea Shanteys & SEED Stories
Blue Hill Children’s Climate March

Community Wisdom
Yarding with Downeast Audubon

Shinrin Yoku: Forest Breathing with Sierra Club Maine

Support SEED

Support our work by booking a short term stay. John Cheever presumably built this cozy barn as a woodshop for the schooners built where our dock is now installed. It is newly renovated in a way that preserves the charm of the era while providing updated amenities. The barn has a single bedroom in a loft, accessed by a staircase. It features a grand stone fireplace and has 3 sets of French doors that open onto an award winning landscaped patio and garden which overlooks Conary Cove and Blue Hill Bay. We have 2 docks, one on Conary Cove and the other on the Mill Pond, which opens to Blue Hill Falls, at the northern tip of the 3 mile long Salt Pond. We are literally surrounded by water. Guests are welcome to both docks and may use our playaks and canoe.

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The SEED Barn is surrounded by award winning gardens, at a place traditionally known as mulatamicuwon. We face Conary Cove & are backed to the Mill Pond, where settlers first landed, recognizing the potential for hydropower available by the rush of the tides in and out of the three mile long Salt Pond.