SEED :: disperse at the Dairy ARTS Center


Curatorial Statement

The installation in the McMahon Gallery at the Dairy Arts Center is an exploration of the duality of seeds in our world today. Dominating half the gallery, Linda Michel Cassidy reflects the scale of current development along the Front Range by presenting a full wall of fragmented plant images that have been cut into house forms and laid out as if in a suburban development. Rian Kerrane complements Linda’s work with an installation of seed wallpaper which considers our attempts to dominate nature aesthetically within the confines of our domestic spaces. Evan Anderman depicts aerial landscapes of vast swaths of monoculture in eastern Colorado, which is flanked by a column of ashen Monarchs created as a collaboration between Susanne Mitchell and Lee Lee to reflect the crisis Monarch butterflies are facing as milkweed habitat is lost to chemically intense monoculture production. Under the shadow cast by Sybille Palmer’s long scroll of plants facing extinction, Siena Sanderson’s ‘Seeds in Search of Safe Ground’ scrolls are an expression of hope as a metaphor for displaced people. Complementing this expression of hope, Greg Cradick’s quiet portraits of weeds suggests an elegant resilience in common plants that are often overlooked.

The other half of the installation invites viewers to be embraced by the potential expressed by seeds by presenting the work as if it were a garden. Crowning the installation is a paper mobile by Julia Ruth Claus, capturing the mandala like designs of sliced vegetables. Claire Coté’s scroll illustrates how seeds inform biomimicry design, which is complemented by Stephanie Hilvitz’s torso robed in milkweed pods and Annette Coleman’s transmogrifications. The concept of a shared table is explored in works by Katie Woodall, Mandy Stapleford and Viviane LeCourtois. Rounding out the garden through an exploration of seeds in many mediums are works by Peter Chinni (pastel & cast aluminum), Linda Melvin Graham (seed head monoprints), Merce Mitchell (felt), Stephanie Lerma (paper), Laura Phelps Rogers (bronze), Gretchen Ewert (ceramic) and TJ Mabrey (marble). Curated by Lee Lee, the exhibition is a blend of artists who have participated in the original SEED Taos exhibitions and regional artists who have created works that round out perspectives relevant to seed propagation in the high desert west.

Exhibition Overview

Artist Statements

Evan Anderman
Peter Chinni

Julia Ruth Claus

Annette Coleman

Claire Coté

Greg Cradick

Gretchen Ewert

Linda Melvin Graham

Stephanie Hilvitz

Rian Kerrane

Viviane Le Courtois
Stephanie Lerma
TJ Mabrey
Linda Michel-Cassidy
Merce Mitchell
Monarch: Susanne Mitchell & Lee Lee
Sybille Palmer
Laura Phelps Rogers
Siena Sanderson
Mandy Stapleford
Katie Woodall