SEED :: Haiti

SEED :: Mountain Beyond Mountains:
Restoration Liberation

2019 Ghetto Biennial

Katelyn Alexis + Getho Jean Baptiste + Wesner Bazile + Rossi Jacques Casimir + Noel Edgard aka Papouche + Lee Lee + Mimi Sheller + moira williams
We are exploring historic connections between Maine and Haiti with a series of workshops and performances; looking at the entangled mobilities between plant-human and non-human relationships held sacred by indigenous communities. We will consider the role plants played through the Haitian revolution and how plant-based practices in both geographies may inform each other as we navigate our way through food sovereignty, sacred/medicinal relationships and rewilding
efforts. We are interested in counterpractices that push against industrial agriculture and hybrid seeds.

2017 Ghetto Biennale
Katelyn Alexis leads the way into her garden.

SEED :: disperse | Haiti
2017 Ghetto Biennial

Grand Rue Gardens
2015 Ghetto Biennial

Grand-mères du Grand Rue
2013 Ghetto Biennial
A Slow Food approach to food sovereignty & Security

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Jean Claude Santillus plants a coco seed in his Lakou along the Grand Rue of Port-Au-Prince. Photo by Rossi Jacques Casimir