SEED Sensorium

The SEED Sensorium is a multi-sensorial exploration of seeds. Bridging art and science, this series of activities engage the senses in learning about the remarkable world of seeds and their utmost importance in our lives. The activities draw inspiration from the Emilia Reggio philosophy of immersive education which promotes student led, experiential programs as the most engaging way to cultivate understanding of the world around us. Participants are encouraged to look through the lens of the seed to explore connections between art and science and their personal connections to the natural world.

Sensorium: Engaging the five senses

Testing Grounds: SEED Dispersal

Treasure Chest: Exploring Metaphor

SEED Matching Game

How Do I Get My Food?

Riddle me this…


SEED Bombs
Each participant is invited to make three; one to throw, one to give to a friend and one to leave with the project

Birdfeeder pinecones

SEED paper


Rattles for the Sensorium