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These donations will be brought to Haiti in early December and will be distributed and shared through the community.
Learn more about SEED :: Haiti  here



SEED :: disperse

SEED is an interdisciplinary arts project exploring and celebrating the miracle of the seed. The SEED Mission is to encourage cross-pollination between the arts and sciences through fine art exhibitions and creative dissemination methods in combination with multi-sensory and educational SEED Sensorium. Visitors to SEED are invited to look through the lens of the seed to explore connections between art and science and their personal relationship to the natural world.

The SEED Barn
Located in Blue Hill, Maine, the SEED Barn houses a SEED Library, Demonstration Gardens, Art-Science collaborations & a SEED Sensorium

SEED :: Haiti
Initiated during the 4th Ghetto Biennial, the Gardens of the Grand Rue project responds to food justice issues through heirloom seed preservation, cultivation and education.

SEED :: disperse
Exhibition at The Dairy Arts Center

2590 Walnut Street | Boulder, Colorado 80302
Reception: June 17th with and artists talk at 6pm
More information: Contact Lee Lee

Woodbine Ecology Center
Follow the development of a SEED Sensorium built to complement the Woodbine mission to promote Indigenous values while exploring human relationship with seeds.



The Debris Project

Debris is an interactive, collaborative installation which is being created as a response to problems presented by marine debris, with a focus on single use plastic. The work reflects the literal problem of plastic in marine environments while offering a symbolic representation of the chemical body burdens carried by wildlife and humans alike. In presenting these issues, we are asked to consider misplaced cultural notions of “disposability”, calling in to question consumer driven waste which has devalued what is in fact a very important material.


Distillery_EXT-optThe Taos Distillery

Event Space & Gallery
Workshops – Retreats – Family Gatherings – Weddings
Collection of international artworks & paintings for sale



Falls Bridge

Restoring the Cheever farmhouse to be a platform for engagement