Stay tuned for the upcoming book signing with Camille Dungy & her new book, Soil – The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden

SEED den

The ‘den’ on Denver’s historic Dollhouse Row

The Stiles African American Heritage Gardens – Five Points, Denver
2023 Spring Teas:
April 15th: featuring Aunt Clara Brown & Plant Medicine
May 13th: featuring Madam CJ Walker & Afro Natural Beauty
Upcoming: In collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Land LibraryBook signing with Camille Dungy & her new book, Soil, The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden

SEED :: disperse – exhibition at the Dairy Arts Center – Boulder

Mulatamicuwon | MAINE

SEED Barn & Maine Fieldworks

SEED | Haiti

A series of projects created for the Ghetto Biennial that examines food security, cultivating grounds in the central redzones in Port-Au-Prince, historical relationships with plant medicines and the culinary arts practiced along the Grand Rue.

Lakou Claude | photo by Rossi Jacques Casimir

Acequia | Agua es Vida – Water is Life

Poem by Thatcher Gray Leonard
Monoprint created at Green Olive Arts, Tetouan Morocco

Creature Conserve’s Re-imagining Conservation Exhibition
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole WY: June – November 2023

TAOS | New Mexico
The Distillery sits on Los Lovatos ditch, one of five active acequias in the Taos area, installed by Spanish settlers over 300 years ago.

Tetouan | Morocco
Origins of Acequia practices: the Rif

Blanca | Spain
Explorations of Acequias installed in this valley by Maghreb settlers who arrived on the Iberian peninsula in the 9th century. July 2023

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