A Visit to SAKALA

Under a canopy of Moringa trees, the garden staff at SAKALA share insight into establishing urban nurseries from seed with Papouche and Katelyn. Moringa can thrive in shallow soil. The Sakala garden is built upon a formal industrial pad in Cite Soleil, which is a low laying area topped with only a few feet of soil saturated with salt from the sea. They provide dappled shade and a nutrient dense green to supplement scant diets. Below, there are raised beds within repurposed tires that grow herbs (shown here during the shoulder season.)
Papouche & Katelyn choose mango to plant in the Grand Rue Gardens.
Supporting this local, urban nursery broadened the range of this project to include this transformative site.
Moringa with ripe seed
Moringa seed harvested for oil, which is great for hair and improves eyesight as a supplement
Katelyn choosing moringa seedlings. Moringa seeds were sewn into the garments of Africans as they were torn from their native lands. The trees now thrive around Haiti without becoming too aggressive. It is considered a sacred tree, a gift from the ancestors & offers an important dietary supplement for urban dwellers. today.

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